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Cultural Activities of 2019-20


Mr.Aditya Tiwari


CULTURAL COMMITTEE: Cultural Committee of our college is vibrant and organizes various activities with an objective to preserve and foster cultural values in the students.

A Colourful and memorable fest, Arunya was organized on 11th & 12th January 2019. The event was held in the college premises. The event was diligently organized by the students under the guidance of teachers. The ambiance was vibrant, colourful and exuberant.

Wide publicity was given for the fest. All the students were dressed in Arunya printed T-shirts and hoodies and there was enthusiasm all around .The tone of decoration was very festive. Then principal addressed all the students, encouraged and motivated them with her powerful words. She even appreciated organizers and volunteers for their hard work and declared the event OPEN. Twenty seven events of performing arts, fine arts, sports & games were organised, where around twenty colleges across Mumbai participated enthusiastically.

A beautiful interaction reached its logical and memorable conclusion. The students really enjoyed a lot and dispersed with sincere hope that every year intercollegiate fest will be apprehended.

Other Main Cultural activities are listed as below:

  • Guru Purnima Celebration 26/7/18
  • Greeting card making competition Number of students participated 37
  • Singing competition 13/8/18
  • Patriotic song Number of students participated 11
  • Independence Day 15/8/18
  • Number of students participated 50
  • Freshers Party 25/8/18 &28/8/18
  • Thums UP Mini Challenge Activity 22/10/18 & 23/10/18
  • Number of students participated 250
  • Rangoli competition 17/12/18
  • Number of students participated 4
  • Black & White Day 17/12/18
  • Mehendi competition 18/12/18
  • Number of students participated 16
  • Denim Day 18/12/18
  • Hair style competition 19/12/18
  • Number of students participated 4
  • Traditional Day 19/12/18
  • Nail Art 19/12/18
  • Number of students participated 2
  • Fun N Fair 20/12/18
  • Number of students participated 7
  • Saree & Tie Day 21/12/18
  • ArunyaInter collegiate Fest 11/1/19 & 12/1/19

Our students were rocking in various Inter-collegiate competitions.Students from Smt. K. G. Mittal College participated and won various awards at these competitions.Students participated in approximately 25 college fests like Manan, Stockholm, Pankh, DLU, Springs, Mauj, Malhar, Umang Youth festival to name a few.


  • Workshop conducted by Whistling Woods on cinema and 54 students participated in the workshop.
  • Drama team from Smt. K.G. Mittal College won street play "doobi doobi dub dub" at Malhar, St. Xaviers college fest securing 3rd position.
  • Aslam Mridye student of first year BMS won 1st prize in solo singing at Manan fest of Esplanade college, 1st prize in solo singing at P.D. lions college, 2nd prize in solo singing at H.K. college.
  • Our students also won the best college award for winning maximum events in Esplanade College and Thakur College.
  • Devesh Mishra student of first year BMM won 1st prize in solo singing at Saraf Night College. Ibrahim Shaikh won 1st prize in poetry slam at P.D. Lions College.

Acting Workshop  :  An acting workshop was conducted in the basement hall on16th july 2018by Mr. Dhaval Thakkar and Kumar Chheda.The workshop was attended by around 65 students. The students were taught how to build confidence and to enhance their acting skills,remove stage fright, body movement when on stage,body posture and gesture. They did various exercises and played various games. Students learnt how to modulate and control pitch and tone. Through workshop they learnt various emotions and expression. This workshop was for 5 hours. Seeing the talent and enthusiasm of the students, the masters selected some students for inter collegiate competitions.

Cultural Department

The Cultural department of our college organized following activities during 2019-20 with the objective of preserve and fostering cultural values in students.


Guru poornima celebration(Greeting card making competition)



Fresher’s Party 



Black & White Day



Denim Day



Saree & Tie Day



Fun & Fair



Inter Collegiate Competition (Rangoli, Poster & Debate)



Republic Day 



Farewell Programme 



Clutural Activities 2020-21


The Cultural department of our college organized the following activities during 2020 - 2021 with the objective of preserve and fostering cultural values in students.




No. of Participants


Just A Minute (JAM) Theme- Tribute to Corona Warriors




Singing competition (Patriotic song)




Greeting card making competition

Teachers’ Day




Diya Decoration




Lantern (kandil) making competition




Rangoli making competition




Poster making competition




Singing competition




Elocution competition




  • JAM (Just a minute) competition was organized. Rules and regulations were also notified viz. participants have to speak on topic (Tribute to corona warriors) for 1 minute continuously, they can speak either in English or Hindi. Last date to submit the video was 10th July 2020. Promotion of JAM was done on whatsapp group of students. Only one entry was received and therefore the last date was extended to 17th July 2020. Total two students participated in JAM. Outcome of the activity is that students could express their gratitude for corona warriors.
  • On occasion of Independence Day online Desh Bhakti Geet (singing competition) was organized. Rules and regulations were also notified viz. participants have to sing a patriotic song, the song can be in English, Hindi or Marathi. Last date to submit the song was 10th August 2020. Only one student participated in singing competition. Outcome of the competition is singing skill development.
  • Greeting Card Making Competition On occasion of Teachers’ Day Greeting Card Making competition was organized. Total twenty two entries were received. Students expressed their gratitude & showed creativity through beautiful cards.  Outcome is students showed their creativity.

The winners are as follows:

First Prize: Sonali Ghadi SYBCom

Second Prize: Ketaki Anand SYBCom

  • Diya decoration competition: Twenty one students participated in diya decoration. Mrs. N.Menon was appointed as judge of the competition. It was tough competition. Outcome is students showed their creativity. Winners were selected on the basis of their creativity & neatness.

First prize: Deepa Shetty TY C

Second prize: Rani Nishad TY C

Third prize: Sheetal Khadka FY E

Consolation prize: Mahima Singh SY B

  • Rangoli competition: Thirteen students participated in rangoli competition. Mrs. S. Sovani was assigned to be judge of the competition. Students also replicated their creativity through symbolic message to stop spread of corona. Outcome is students showed their creativity. Winners were selected based on newness, colour combination, design, neatness etc.

First prize: Nivedita Chavre FY C

Second prize: Meera Shaikh TY B

Third prize: Kinjal Parmar SY C

  • Lantern (Kandil) making competition: Seven students took part in the competition. Outcome is students showed their creativity. Dr. S. Gosavi contributed through the work of judge.

       First prize: Gauri Chawan FY A

Second prize: Sonali Ghadi SY B

  • Elocution Competition

On account of National Youth Day (Birth Anniversary of Swami Vivekanand) online elocution competition was organised on 15th January 2021 at 12.15

The theme was “Channelizing Youth Power for Nation Building”.

Nine students participated in the competition, out of which five students spoke in English & four in Hindi. Outcome is students showed their confidence to speak.

Mrs. Nimi Menon was the judge of the competition.

The winners are as follows

I Prize: Manoj Yadav Fy D 618

II Prize : Priya Jha Fy B 229

II Prize : Anjana Jha Fy D 610

Consolation Prize : Karishma Jaiswal Fy E 847


  • Poster Making Competition

On account of Republic Day, online poster making competition was organized. The theme was “patriotism”. Thirteen entries were received in PDF format, which was forwarded to Mrs. Nimi Menon for judging. Outcome is students showed their creativity.

The winners are as follows

I Prize Nikita Patekar TYBCom B 282

II Prize Sandhya Saroj FYBCom C 465

III Prize Snehal Kavankar

Consolation Prize :      Pooja Savla TYBCom A

                             Pratham Kalamkar FYBCom D 643

  • Singing Competition

On account of Republic Day, online singing competition was organized. The theme was “Patriotism”. Total six entries were received in audio format, which was forwarded to Dr. Navnita Megnani for judging. Outcome of the competition is singing skill development.

The winners are as follows

I Prize : Kinjal Parmar SYBCom

II Prize: Akshita Dhadve SYBCom

III Prize: Priya Jha FYBCom



Date : 1st June to 20th June,2020

Brief :               

The students of Smt. K.G Mittal College of Arts and Commerce  ( Degree and SFC) organized the most important event of the year ‘Arunya’Pre- Online

Aim of the Event: The Main theme of the Event was to give platform that celebrates different talents of students across various segments and helps students get recognized for their effort.

                                                The Event

The much awaited Arunya fest organized by the SFC Department of Smt. Kamladevi Gauridutt Mittal college of Arts and Commerce was a runaway success.

The entire team at Arunya  comprising of faculty members, students ,  staff members come together and contribute to their best to this great endeavor to bring out the extra ordinary talent in participants from all over the city.

Total of 10 different events like Solo Dance,Solo Singing,Poster making ,Short Film, Creative Hand,Creative Writing,Poetry Writing, Solve the Clue, Introduction Video.

The event witnessed the participation of around 101 students from 24 different colleges comprising of 2-3 members each

 Arunya has epitomized the ultimate array of cultural activities on an . Institute platform

The 20 day event moving from one to other showed the diversity and diligently organized proceedings. Keeping heart, mind and soul, the institute bought a treasure of talent. A soul that was vibrant, contagious and exuberant. It has been a paradise for the young generation for them to nurture and showcase their cultural and managerial skills

Cultural Committee

Ms. Payal Sharma

Mr.Syed Hasan Raza